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Tasmanian capital Hobart offers every visitor an eclectic mix of history, picturesque scenery and bold art and culture, with numerous brilliant attractions and things to do within reach. We are sure you will like your Hobart stay!

Whether you plan to ascend a mountain with tremendous views, see daring modern art, enjoy some fish and chips on the waterfront, explore a market or find out more about the history of Tasmania and Australia, Hobart has you covered. 


Maybe currently not as popular as some of the mainland Australia destinations, it is no surprise that Hobart is listed by many as a top global destination and should not be missed by any visitor to this part of the world. In short, Hobart is a great place.


When you first arrive, we recommend taking a Hobart free walking tour to get your bearings of the city and help you plan your further adventures. Once your Hobart tour is done and you have gotten a taste of the city, is time for some adventure!


Rent a car and explore the island or check out a range of Hobart day trips to explore it's magnificent landscapes, beaches, history and wildlife. Not to miss destinations would be Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, a cruise or wine tour. See our collated list of some highly recommended Hobart city tours as well as Hobart and Tasmania day trips and expeditions.

Free Walking Tours of Hobart

*See details on tour operator website for details and any COVID-19 restrictions currently in place and if the tour is active at the moment

When visiting Hobart, we recommend  Hobart Free Walking Tours. They offer walking tours of the city on most days at 10:30am (check website to confirm start time), and are a perfect introduction to the historic and cultural capital of Australia’s island state.

A team of passionate local guides will show you the historic Battery Point Village, Salamanca precinct and Hobart’s waterfront. They will show you where the best food and drinks can be found, unbelievable true stories about Tasmania’s past (including the Convict King and Convict Cannibal), and suggest things to do during your stay in Tasmania.

Hobart Free Walking Tours also operate a Ghost Tour which shares the dark side of this historic city.

Hobart Free Walking Tours is the largest walking tour business in Tasmania. In only a few years, they have shown over 5,000 guests around Hobart and amassed over 150 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google. You will hear frightening stories of convicts, ghosts, aliens, cannibals, and even a possible serial killer.

For details and to book your tour, go here.

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Highly recommended Hobart activities, walking and day trip tours in Hobart and Tasmania

The free tours on Buddy Free Walking Tours we have found for Hobart are free and have no upfront cost. Some tours may operate on a tips only basis where if you like the tour, you can tip your guide how much the tour was worth to you at the end. Didn't like it? No obligations. Do check details with the Hobart tour guide and website for details. Other tours have costs as outlined by the respective sites.


The Hobart tours we have listed on this page are not operated by Buddy Free Walking Tours. Knowing this, we suggest to visit the individual operator and company websites and find out directly their up to date information, times, costs and dates of operating tours of Hobart and surrounding Tasmania destinations. The information listed here is only a snapshot of Hobart tours available and we take no responsibility for any missing information or safety implications of tours.  Do your own research.

Are you offering tours in or around Hobart? Contact us to get listed here.

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"A cute city on a magnificent island"

Hobart, Tasmania

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