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Whether you are travelling from Australia or anywhere else, Paris stands out as one of the most popular worldwide destinations to visit. Millions of people visit the city every year. And with good reason. 

The capital of France, a city for artists and art lovers alike, romantic getaways and lovers of street life, architecture and food, Paris is amazing throughout. It can be complex and daunting to organise an effective yet enjoyable visit to Paris. When you first arrive to Paris, it may be worthwhile to take a tour to get your bearing of this brilliant city. 


Our aim to help you out a bit from our side. We have found the best free walking tours of Paris. As well as this, we list well reviewed paid or specialised walking tours, Paris cruises as well day trips in and around Paris. 

Each Paris walking tour will have it's own flavour and flow but most of the tours will cover some or most of the following: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame church, Montmartre and Louvre Museum.

Most tours operate in English and French but a lot of tours of Paris may be in Spanish and some in Italian, Chinese as well as many other languages. Are you offering free walking tours in or around Paris and believe your tours meet the mark?  Contact us to get listed here.

Free Walking Tours of Paris

Several daily (except 24th and 25th December) popular tours of major Paris landmarks and areas including Montmartre. Check their website for more details.

Another provider of tours with a free walking tour of Paris also being offered.

Generally more than one daily free tour of Paris in English and Spanish daily. The original free tour provider. Last about 3 hours.

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Other Paris walking tours and activities 

Paris Day Trips 

Paris Cruises 

The tours of Paris and listed here are not operated by Buddy Free Walking Tours. Therefore, we advise you to visit the respective information pages and find out directly from the Parisian operators up to date tour start times, dates and other details of the Paris and France regional tours. The tour data listed here is only a simple overview and we take no responsibility for any missing information or safety of the Paris tours. 


The free tours of Paris listed have no upfront cost. Some tours may operate on a tips only basis where if you like the tour, you can pay your guide how much the tour was worth to you at the end. Didn't like it? No obligations. 

Find day trips, free walking tours and other tours in and around Paris for visitors from abroad including Australia.

Compass & Map Paris

"Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world"

Luella, first time visitor to Paris and France

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