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London Free Walking Tours


Take a free walking tour to discover the allure of London.

London - a captivating metropolis blending history and culture that wows at every turn. 


Here we list our favourite London tours. A top rated London free walking tour with a few alternative (free and paid) options for you to consider.

We only list tours we'd personally use. If you click links on our site, we may earn a small commission. London tours not operated by Buddy Free Walking Tours.

Free Walking Tour in London

While I have not done this tour myself, my friends absolutely loved it!

Starting from Trafalgar Square, this 3 hour tour takes you through the major sights of London including the Buckingham Palace, St James' Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Being a free tour, there is no booking fee or fixed price. If you find the London free walking tour useful, give your guide a tip at the completion of the tour. 

This awesome London tour does not run every day so make sure to book early to reserve your spot! Free to book, no card details needed and you can cancel any time if your plans change.

As the London free walking tour is not run by Buddy Free Walking Tours, please ensure you read the official information on the tour page.

Other London Tours (paid but highly recommended)

London Tours Popular 2023

"London is my favourite European city to travel to"

Maria L., after doing the London free walking tour in March 2023

London Free Walking Tours - discover the capital of capitals

About London

London, the glamorous capital of the United Kingdom. And a must see on any European trip itinerary!


Take in the world famous landmarks, learn about the long history and study the cultural history and diversity. Find out why London keeps getting voted in as one of the best cities in the world.


Take a free walking tour of London to get a feel to the city and allow you to plan the rest of your stay. Also look at some day trips around London or England.


Your London walking tour will likely include some or all of these:

  • Big Ben, the iconic London clock tower

  • Houses of Parliament

  • Buckingham Palace

  • The British Museum and London Eye

  • Tower Bridge

  • St James's Park

  • Covent Garden

  • Westminster Abbey

  • The Shard

  • The Tower of London

  • And many others to discover on your travels of London

What is a London free walking tour?

This can confuse many visitors especially if they have not done a free walking tour before.

Let's get into some details about it.

As you noticed, some of our favourite London walking tours listed here are listed as "free". Other London tours listed, as labelled, have a standard ticket cost as usual.


But what does a free walking tour mean? Is it actually free?
Well, a free tour usually means that the tours have no upfront or booking cost. They usually operate on a tips only basis where if you like the tour, you can pay your guide how much the tour was worth to you at the end. But there are no obligations.

Keep in mind that your tour guides on free walking tours rely on the tips of participants for their income just like any other worker. Therefore, by tipping an appropriate amount that reflects the worth you received from the free walking tour at the end, you show your support for their efforts provided during the tour.

Do check the exact details on their respective websites as the tours listed here are not run by Buddy Free Walking Tours.

How much should I tip for the London free tour?

There are no set rules here. Keep in mind the length of the London free walking tour, how useful the tour and guide were, if you had a good time and how much you learnt. Ensure you bring some cash on the day and pay your guide how much the tour was worth to you at the end.

Should I book my London free tour online?


I strongly suggest booking your free tour online in advance. This means you won't miss out especially as the tour is quite popular and does not operate every day (the last time I checked).


It's easy to book. Online bookings for free tours are generally free, easy, do not require any payment details and have no cancellation fees in case you change your mind or plans change.

You should also pre book a London free walking tour as you can enjoy your holiday rather than trying to book in the last minute and potentially missing out.

Important information about the tours listed

Disclaimer - important. The free walking tours of London and other tours and day trips listed here are not operated by Buddy Free Walking Tours. Therefore, we advise you to visit the respective tour websites and find out directly the details of their London tours.


Participation is strictly voluntary and any tour or travel obviously carries risks you need to be aware of. Be sure to read the official terms and conditions carefully for any walking tours and day trips/excursions you plan to attend.

Ensure you attend on time and be extra cautious at times of high or low temperatures, weather events or if you have any medical concerns. Inform your guide early if any issues arise.


Buddy Free Walking Tours takes no responsibility for tours operated by other providers and cannot in any way be held liable for any negative outcome arising from those. Please always do your own research and ensure you agree with the Buddy Free Walking Tours terms and conditions of use prior to using the site.


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