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Walking tours and sunscreen

Should I Use Sunscreen Prior to a Walking Tour?

Do you love to stand for insurmountable hours under the naked sun, all the while its heat fries your skin and burnishes you to a crisp and increases your chance of skin cancer?

Do you love the blazing sun making you sweat till you suffer dehydration? Do you enjoy feeling dizzy and collapsing from fatigue after standing under the sun for long hours?

I imagine, the answer is a simple no to all those questions!

Let's try a different series of questions then.

Do you love to walk among the bustle and rustle of the city life and absorb all of its beauty? Do you feel captivated when you wander into the ancient history of a modern metropolis?

In short and simple words, do you love to go on walking tours? The fact that you are here—on this blog post—says enough.

Sunscreen makes up a very important part of a seasoned traveler's inventory.

Almost every foreigner that visits your country will be carrying one; if they are not, they need to start. It's resourceful to carry one wherever you go; that makes it all the more compelling to apply some when you are about to venture off on a walking tour.

Let's explore some reasons why you should always apply sunscreen before you go on a walking tour.

What are sunscreens?

Sunscreens are apply on skin products meant to prevent damage to your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Sunscreens come in various sizes, shapes, and forms.

These include:

· Lotion (most common)

· Gel

· Cream

· Spray

· Oil

Whether you are young or old, male or female, sunscreens are always must have products.

Applying sunscreen on children and infants is also important, and it is important to discuss with your doctor about which product to use on their sensitive skin.

Benefits of applying sunscreen

Applying sunscreen, for example on a walking tour of Paris, can help you protect your skin from so many harmful effects. It even helps in reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Whether your vacations or walking tours are going to be in a place with cloudy weather and cool climate or scorching heat with the sun in its glory, it doesn't matter, since the UV rays of the sun manage to pierce through the clouds even if you are protected from the heat.

Some known and proven benefits of sunscreens are:

· Reduced risk of skin cancer

· Protection from sunburns

· Protection against harmful UV rays

· Slows down premature skin ageing

· Promotes healthier skin

It helps in maintaining an even skin tone, too! All the more reason to start applying them before long walking tours.

How to apply sunscreen the right way

Apply your sunscreen 10–15 minutes before you step out to greet the sun. You must cover every exposed part of your skin. Even if you decide to wear full sleeve clothes, applying sunscreen helps because most clothes do not obstruct UV rays from perforating them and impacting your skin.

It is also important to reapply sunscreen. Check out this article about how often to reapply sunscreen.

Avoiding the eyes, other parts of the body should ideally be covered with sunscreen.


If you are passionate about traveling and enjoying long walking tours, sunscreens are the best applicable articles you can keep handy. They are quick to use, long-lasting, and just a wonderful treat for your skin.

The next time you put on your wandering shoes and be off to an amazing walking tour, make sure you have that tender skin covered in sunscreen so you can enjoy even more livelier times outside.

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