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5 reasons why walking to explore is the best

When it comes to travelling to a new country or city, we know you gain a wealth of experience and insight. Whether you are exploring the historic landmarks of Rome, the majestic beauty of Prague, the arty laneways of Melbourne or bustling streets of New York, there is just so much to be gained from these experience.

You may guess that right here at Buddy Walking Tours, we are big fans of taking a stroll and exploring cities by foot. Walking not only allows you to connect intimately with your surroundings but also offers a range of physical, mental and culture/ insight benefits that can only improve your travel experience. Today in this article, I thought we could discuss 5 good reasons why walking and exploring cities as a tourist is the way to go.

1. Immerse Yourself in Local Culture and Lifestyle

Walking through a city's streets and alleys immerses you in its very own unique and vibrant culture, feel and lifestyle. As you stroll past a local shop, market, unique historic building or parks, you will witness daily life unfolding before your eyes in front of you. Locals and their ways become more accessible. You may even engage yourself in the flow of the local day or have in impromptu conversations that lead to unique insights and recommendations. By walking to explore cities, you can observe or take part in local traditions, customs, and even sample something just a little more authentic you probably would have missed if you rushed through the city in a vehicle. This is why I always encourage taking in a new city on your own in addition to doing tours and guided trips.

2. Discovering Hidden Spots, Sights and Architecture

I think most if not all cities and destinations boast architectural marvels and hidden gems that can only be appreciated while walking. Walking alone or as part of a tour provides you the opportunity to take in the city's beauty and sights at your own pace, stopping to admire and take in each unique one, create memories that will forever remind you of your journey.

3. It is Good for your Health

This one is obvious. Exploring cities on foot is good for your health. And can help burn some of those extra calories from that pizza and tiramisu you had for dinner in Milan! Walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise that not only burns calories but also strengthens your muscles and bones. It is estimated you can burn a couple of hundred calories by walking for about 30 minutes.

4. Environmentally Better and Sustainable Travel

Choosing to explore cities on foot aligns with sustainable and eco friendly travel practices. It is carbon neutral mode of transportation that minimises your environmental footprint while travelling. This way, by walking, the sights remain accessible for future generations of tourists to appreciate.

5. Unexpected Memories and Experiences

Walking through a city as a tourist leads to those special moments! The serendipitous ones. That unexpected discoveries. Unlike rigidly planned and scheduled tours or public transport, walking allows you the freedom to just stop and watch. Or change your course spontaneously and follow your intuition. You might encounter a lively street busker performance, stumble upon a unique event, or find that special hidden café to savour a delightful cup of coffee (Brisbane any one?). This flexibility in your itinerary can lead to memorable and cherished experiences that add a touch of magic to your travel adventures.

So to conclude, exploring cities as a tourist through walking offers so many positives and I cannot be more positive about it.

Immerse yourself in the local experience, build memories in a safe and sustainable way and develop a deep bond with the city you are in.

The next time you travel, consider ditching the wheels and lacing up your walking shoes to make your trip an even more memorable one. Happy walking!

Chat soon :)

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